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Dr. Habil. in Paleontology
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Extant situation :
Assistant curator of JURASSICA Mus
& Affiliate researcher at the University of Fribourg
Route de Fontenais 21
2900 Porrentruy


    New update : 19.08.2018 updated list of publications, updates teaching experience

    Previous update 04.01.2017 updated list of publications, updates teaching experience, updated Curriculum vitae

    Counter of visits since the 17.10.08:

2nd excavations in Murs (Luberon) soon !!

Welcome to the O.M.E.R.'s page, my personal home page.
I'm PhD in paleontology, on this page you will find information about my academic background and scientific interests

      ¤ Curriculum vitae - presentation of academic background and scientific skills
      ¤ Research interests - description of the PhD work and presentation of scientific interests and research topics
      ¤ Publications - list of publications and scientific communications, links to published papers
      ¤ Teaching - experience in teaching, list of academic lectures and practicals
      ¤ Grants & fellowships - acknowledgement of grants and financial supports
      ¤ Gallery - photos from China
      ¤ Contact - guess what....

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U. Göhlich is curator at the National Museum of Natural History of Vienna, she's working on many aspects of fossil vertebrates evolutionary history.
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